About us

Some 20 years ago, long before 'sustainability' was even a consideration when choosing a fabric, we started our business in New Zealand, a country famed for its fine wool and environment.

Today, Maxwellrodgers Fabrics have an true international presence having worked closely with leading designers to create fabrics designed to perform in given environments, and to strict budgets, for some of the finest hotels, casinos, cruise ships, airlines, aged care facilities and workplace around the world.

While we believe our textures, color choice and high performance fibre blends are unsurpassed, what designers really value above all, is our flexibility. We can custom make fabric, at no extra cost, exactly to your design and performance criteria.

EMAIL: fabric@maxwellrodgers.com

US TOLL FREE: 1877 810 1701


PHONE: +64 9 378 9082

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